Artist Statement

It is the beauty of Godʼs magnificent artistry in the world around me that inspires me to paint. I love light. It transforms the mundane into the spectacular. I stand in awe. Colors, rhythmic patterns, and beautiful form perform as if dancing to unheard music. This is what I try to capture in my artwork. It brings me great joy and purpose in life to birth on canvas those things which stir my soul.

I love rhythmic, well-designed compositions with a lot of ʻfood for the eyeʼ. I am a representational painter by choice. I feel that my affinity towards realism enhances the message I am trying to convey. Concept and design are paramount, but by offering complex compositions, full of detail, the eye can keep traveling around the painting discovering something new every step of the way. 


My Blog

 Recently I was invited to be a Featured Artist on the website  This is quite an honor.  When you visit this site, and you find the Linda Tompkin featured artist page, you will see some of my new still lifes plus some of my all time favorites.  You will also glean some additional information about me, the way I work, and a little of my history as an artist.


Kaleidoscope Show, 2016

The title of this painting is "Autumn's Melody".

 This is one of two new paintings was accepted in the Kaleidoscope Show now on display at Summit Art Space at 140 E Market Street in Akron, Ohio.  It was on display the month of December, 2016.


Catch the Wave

The title of this painting is "Catch the Wave".

 This is the second painting that was accepted into the Kaleidoscope Show at Summit Artspace.

Some of the Japanese calligraphy on the side panels stand for the words love, joy, peace and hope.  I have included other Christian symbols in this painting to depict the theme of catching the wave of the Spirit.



Here is a picture of me working on this new painting.

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